Creative Writing

As a reader, my tastes run to fantasy and mysteries, so it’s no surprise that I tend to write those as well.  I also enjoy some historical fiction and paranormal.  Mostly, I like a good story with strong, likeable characters, and a satisfying ending. Most of my themes are about straddling two worlds or cultures, facing our internal demons as well as external threats, and people rising to the occasion.  I confess: I like heroes.  I also like a touch of the enigmatic, like Scottish fantasy, where nothing is quite as it seems . . . or is it?

While I like a good plot, I read for character and a particular quality of writing that even I have trouble defining. I go to the library every week, take out ten books at a time, and still often can’t find more than one or two that I really enjoy.

You can read some samples from my work here. I’m working on uploading some short fiction online, but for now, try these.  To read samples, click on the links below.

Book, Triskaideka, from Cave Hollow Press

Triskaideka, an anthology from Cave Hollow Press

  •  “Perchance to Dream,” (short story) 2nd place, Anthology Contest, Cave Hollow Press.  Published in Triskaideka: Tales of Murder, Mystery, Madness, Magic and Mayhem II, Cave Hollow Press, 2005. Cited in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror for 2006.
  • The 5th Reisix (a contemporary fantasy series in development)


© Chanda K. Zimmerman, 2012-2017


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