Chanda’s Bio

I started out to be a television writer. Along the way, life took a few turns, but here I am, a few years later, still writing, editing and more. Here’s a snapshot of my career and interests.

Career Highlights

  • Instructional Designer, Skillpath Seminars (corporate and government training firm)
  • Freelance Writer, Editor, Communications Consultant, Questing Moon Communications (business, multimedia, scripts, speeches, e-learning and more)
  • VP of Marketing/General Manager, Stock Imagery, Inc. (stock photography) 
  • Speechwriter, Office of the Governor of New Mexico
  • Staff Writer, Michigan Senate Press Office
  • Copywriter, Kenyon & Eckhardt Advertising (specializing in TV and radio spots for Chryslter Corporation and regional dealer associations.)
  • Scriptwriter, C. Zimmerman & Associates -(documentaries, public exhibits, etc.) .
  • Executaive Assistant, Adams, Ray & Rosenberg Literary Agency – (representing top Hollywood writers and directors, and movie rights for best-selling authors)



  • Teacher/Trainer: adjunct instructor at local colleges and business seminar presenter
  • Artist and designer
  • Animal rights advocate
  • Casual gardener, experimental cook, coffee addict
  • Interests include history, vegetarian cooking, enviornomental issues, and spiritual/philosophical studies. FYI, I’m a liberal, mainstream Christian in the Presbyterian (PCUSA) church, who is also deeply interested in Buddhism and other religious/spiritual traditions.

To see photos of my other cats and read their newspaper, The Kitty City Tattler, go to

© Chanda K. Zimmerman, 2012-2016


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